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Hey Fiverr people , Use Social Media Share :-
More Clicks you get , Fiverr will Give You Good ranking . So The Best Way is to get More Ranking is to get More Clicks . to get more Clicks i Keep Sharing My Gigs On Social media.

I have joined many Facebook Groups and have a Strong Twitter Account . So this Way I am getting lots of Clicks and Fiverr is Increase my Impression and I am getting good number of Orders Daily .

Always delivers More Than What Your Gig says :-
This is The Best way to get TIP ... I always Delivers Some Extras and Always Gets 5 Star rating and Some TIP too .. So thats the best Way !!

As them to Give Feedback :-
Once You Deliver The Order , you Should Always ask Your Client to Give a Review of The gig .

Client Satisfaction is Most important thing :-
if Your Client is not happy with your gig , it means you are Not giving your 100% .

So Always Ask Your Client How You can Improve Your Gig .. So This way You can keep Improving Your Gig.

Video :- Always add a Video to your Gig , As It Increase Your Sales by 220% .

100% Refund Policy :- if Your Client is Not happy , You Should Give him 100% Refund .

This way You will have Lots of Regular return Clients .

7 . keep in touch with Your Client :- You can Easily message Your clients through Fiverr ..
So I always Message Them once a Week to Check if They have any Available work for me .

and Trust me , most of Them time I Got orders from many Clients .

8.Response rate :- You Should Response Them within 24 Hours , as Maximum People will Get you maximum Order .

Low cancellation rate will Get You maximum Orders.
10 . Creating the Correct gig is Most important . I have Created 15 Gigs and all are unique . So Fiverr is Giving me Great Impression and I am Earning like $1500 to $2000 a Month .. So Creating The Unique gig is The way to get More Orders

If You Maintain 5 Star Rating and You get Regular Orders fiverr can Mark your Gig as featured Gig , This will help The Buyer to Place Order More Frequent .

So Those are The TOP 10 TIPS to get more Orders Quickly .. You can ask Your Question By Commenting here !!

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