5 Tips to get a TIP in Fiverr

මේක මම ගොඩක් කලින් ලියපු පොස්ට් එකක්. ( ඉන්ග්‍රීසි දැනුම ගැන වැඩිය හිතන්නැතුව කියවපල්ල :'( )

Fiverr is a most trending e-money earning method today. Normally this is a market place to buy many things for $5. Most of buyers are coming from European countries to Fiverr because $5 is a very small price with comparing their income and expenses.

As a Fiverr seller here I am trying to tell you how we can go beyond the $5. There are two methods,

1. Buyer makes the order with Gig Extras or package
2. Buyer giving a TIP for his/her extra satisfaction

I am going to talk about 2nd method. How to get a TIP from buyer.

Previously we have created a separate gig to request a TIP from buyer. But I think requesting a TIP is not good. It should be purposely given by buyer. Otherwise it will not be a TIP. But now fiverr have introduced an option to buyer to give a TIP once complete his/her order. So no need a separate gig for TIP further more.

5 Tips to get a TIP in Fiverr

Think; you are in a restaurant while having your lunch. Once you complete that, do you think to give a TIP to waiter? If yes, Why? (You will give if you received a better service rather than you expected) Fiver is the same scenario.

Then how we give a service more that buyer expected.

1. High quality
Please give your maximum effort to get highest output for every order. Be unique, fresh and genuine. Some buyers are not expecting high quality service for a cheap price. But if you can give $500 valued service for $5 buyer definitely give you extra bucks.

2. Deliver in time
Try to deliver your service before turnaround time. Some time sellers keeping some buffer time period (By experience) for safe side. As an example if your turnaround time is 5 days try to do within 2 days. I know some orders can complete within few minutes. So why miss our tips.

3. Quick respond
Always try to be online. Use the smart phone app (Android / Apple) to get message and notification real time. Try to show you always willing to help him/her.

4. Add some extra
If you can give something extra not in your gig description, there will be a potential to a TIP. As an example, you design a letterhead and deliver in word format for $5. But if you can add PDF version also as extra, buyer will happy.

5. Help after delivery
Specialy in graphic category some buyers ask revisions after deliver the service. Please don’t hesitate to help them.

These are the tips in my mind. But you can do many things to satisfy your client. Only thing is buyer need to feel he/her has received a service more than expected for $5.
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